Public Register

In accordance with NHS England Guidance the Public Register displays declarations of interest made by our staff. The Summary section displays totals for the selected financial year. The Declarations section displays a list of recent declarations, which can be filtered and viewed individually.


Financial Year
Staff TypeStaff CountStaff That Have Made A DeclarationStaff That Have Not Made A DeclarationTotal Number of Declarations Made
Non Contracted25131217
Decision Makers2235111011251277
Non Decision Makers40553513704371


Total Records: 1332
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13/10/2020 - Elizabeth Turner
Finance Officer
Nil Declaration
07/10/2020 - Stephen Traynor
Nil Declaration
06/10/2020 - Janet Simm
Health Visitor
Nil Declaration
05/10/2020 - Priyanka Ramakrishnan
International Training Fellow
Nil Declaration
04/10/2020 - Sandra Smith
Nil Declaration
31/10/2016 - Ann Culshaw
Deputy Performance Manager
Outside Employment
02/10/2020 - John Humphreys
Head of Business Planning
Nil Declaration
02/10/2020 - Joseph Rudd
Physician Associate
Nil Declaration
02/10/2020 - Brodie Heath
Community Learning Disability Nurse
Nil Declaration
02/10/2020 - Soly Somapalan
Clinical Fellow
Nil Declaration
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You can filter the interest declaration records by a combination of interest type, job role, value, period, and keyword. The keyword field compares the string you enter to both the full name of the staff member associated with the declaration as well as the description. Note that when filtering by 'Total to date' all interests that are continuous by nature will be returned against every search.

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